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T E R M S  & C O N D I T I O N S  - M A R K E T  R E G U L A T I O N S


The terms and conditions enclosed in this document apply to all stall holders who have been approved to occupy a stall at The Market Folk Markets. By booking as well as paying a stall you agree to the terms and conditions enclosed in this document. This document is subject to change at any time as deemed by The Market Folk. This document covers all stalls at each location. Dated January 2020.


Trading Details

  • The market operates on dates determined by The Market Folk organisers as advertised on the website, facebook and instagram.

  • All stalls must be set up and ready to trade at the commencement of trading hours as specified by the The Market Folk owners.

  • Stallholders who have not occupied their stall by commencement of the trading hours forfeit their stall booking and will not be entitled to any credit or refund.

  • All stalls must cease trading and commence pack down at the end of the trading hours.

  • Market trading hours may vary according to location.

  • All stallholders must stay for the duration of Market. Stalls who pack down early will not be accepted to trade at The Market Folk in future.



  • The Market Folk reserves the right to reject booking applications without entering into correspondence or otherwise explain reasoning for decisions.

  • The Market Folk look favourably on products that complement our market style, stalls that are well set up/ boutique style, and well thought through.

  • Only approved applications will be responded to


Booking System:


2020 Market Bookings Calendar:


Season 1

January (no markets - break)




Season 2





Season 3





Season 4




Market Fees

Refer to for current fees


Stall Categories

  • The Market Folk have the following stall categories: 

    • Beauty and Skincare

    • Ceramics

    •  Art

    • Fashion

    • Accessories

    • Jewellery - Waitlists Apply

    • Candles - Waitlists Apply

    • Plants

    • Photography (Prints)

    • Stationery

    • Homewares and furniture

    • Children's Toys

    • Childrens Fashion

    • Gourmet Goods - Honey, Jam, Chutney etc

    • Dog Accessories

  • We do not accept application for services, i.e Photography, Massage, Yoga

  • We do not accept application for Political Parties

  • We do not accept applications for MLMs or Australian Distributors for international companies

Products for Sale:

  • The Market Folk may cancel a stallholder’s booking if items offered for sale are of significantly poor quality or fails to meet the approved criteria.

  • Stallholders cannot sell: No used sleepwear, underwear or make-up. The Queensland Government, Office of Fair Trading, administers a range of national mandatory safety and information standards and bans for particular products supplied in the consumer marketplace, including weekend markets. Standards apply to children's toys, nightwear, cosmetics and care labelling on clothing and textiles. Full details of these regulated consumer products can be viewed and downloaded from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website at

  • Please also note the following banned sales, substances and activities:

  • Second hand electrical products, animals, poisonous products, prescription medications, illegal or offensive items, firearms, ammunition, explosives, weapons or dangerous goods of any kind, cigarettes/alcohol/drugs and illegal drug-related products, the sale of lottery, art union or raffle tickets, the conducting of any guessing game, lucky dip, chocolate wheel, side-show, competition, or game of chance is prohibited.

Product Exclusivity

  • There may be up to 2-3 stalls in any one category as specified above at a market date. Applications are generally assessed at a category level not at a product level

  • No stall is given exclusivity over a single product. There may be some exceptions to this rule based on the shopper demographic and location of a market. 

  • In the event where we have 2 stalls apply who are in different categories selling similar products we will assess this based on the significance of that product within the stall. For example, we assess if the product is a secondary or third product (not the main range of the stall) then there can be cases where there is up to 3-4 of a similar product at the markets.

Shared Stalls:​​

  • Businesses wanting to share stalls must both apply individually and applications must clearly state intention to share a business space.

  • You may not share the stall fee

  • You must both hold your own Market Stall Insurance

  • The Market Folk reserve the right to terminate a stall on market day should businesses be found trading without an approved application.

 Business Stalls:

  • Items for sale must be neatly displayed on racks, shelves, baskets and other accessories, none of this will be supplied by The Market Folk and must be removed at the end of the trading time.

  • Public walkways must be kept clear at all times.

  • All outdoor stalls must trade under a Marquee to be supplied by the stall holder and weighed down with weights 15kg minimum per leg

  • Absolutely no use of stakes to secure marquees is permitted.

  • Power is not  available at The Market Folk 

  • Stall holders agree that while they are at the market they will endeavour to cooperate to direction given by The Market Folk staff in relation to operation of their stall, use of equipment, set up, pack down, and safety.

  • Should The Market Folk owners determine language or conduct to be unsatisfactory The Market Folk reserves the right to ask stallholders to leave the market immediately.

  • Business Stalls must have Public Liability Insurance and send through prior to market day

Stall Fees:

  • Stall holder fees must be prepaid, once your application has been approved The Market Folk administration will issue an invoice for a deposit to be paid online via PayPal or Credit Card

  • Depending on location, a small booking fee applies. 

  • The Market Folk reserve the right to cancel booking approval if payment is not received by the due date

  • The Market Folk owners reserve the right to increase fees in the future and that any current fees may be an introductory offer and can be reviewed at any time.

  • The remainder of your stall fee/s are due 2 weeks prior to event


​Online Directory:

  • Listings on the online directory at the discretion of The Market Folk organisers

  • Generally the directory is for stalls that have booked or attend the markets regularly 

  • Booking one market will not grant access to the online directory

  • If a creative discontinues trading at The Market Folk their listing will be removed

  • This is a complimentary service we provide to our market community included in your stall fees


Cancellation/ Refund Policy

  • If we cancel:
    Should The Market Folk events be cancelled due to reasons of emergency, danger, weather conditions, thunderstorms, severe wind, heatwaves, safety, health concerns (this includes COVID19), or other reasons that are not in reasonable control of the The Market Folk organisers we do offer a 50% of stall fee to be credited towards the following event and not transferable thereafter

  • If you cancel:
    Invoices in full are due 2 weeks prior to each event (50% upfront and 50% settled at 2 weeks) Should you cancel your stall booking before your next instalment is due, your deposit is still forfeited. If you cancel within the 2 weeks prior to an event after paying in full you forfeit your deposit but the remainder will be credited towards the following event and not transferable thereafter  (72 hours notice required) . 

  • A business who can no longer attend a market may not replace their own booking with another business. This is at the discretion of Market Folk Organisers to replace stalls. Due to the administration required we do not offer refunds even if we manage to replace your stall. This policy is in place to encourage reliability. 


  • The Market Folk reserve the right to terminate a booking should a stall holder:

  • Not comply with terms and conditions

  • Commit a criminal act at the market

  • Fail to attend and set up in a reasonable time before trading hours

  • Fail to behave in a manner that complies with market etiquette

  • Fail to comply with ACCC regulations

  • Be found to have submitted a misleading applications and items for sale are not quality or pre-approved

  • Any other disorderly conduct as determined by The Market Folk Owners and therefore shall not result in a refund.

 Weather Refund Policy

  • There will be no refunds issued should The Market Folk Markets be cancelled due to reasons of emergency, danger, weather conditions, safety, health concerns, or other reasons that are not in reasonable control of the The Market Folk organisers (as deemed and only when announced by the The Market Folk organisers)

  • There are general costs, advertising costs, permits and many hours that go into an event that we cannot offer refunds for reasons outside of the organisers control.

  • A 50% admin fee applies (your deposit) and the remaining amount will be credited towards a future market date

  • If the weather deteriorates throughout the day you will not be entitled to a refund or credit. 



  • The Market Folk holds current Public Liability insurance of $20,000,000.

  • All business stalls must hold Public Liability insurance of $10,000.00 specifying Market Stall.

  • The Market Folk does not offer Public Liability Insurance to any creative stall. 

  • All rack sellers are covered under The Market Folk

  • Workshop Hosts must have own Public Liability Insurance 


Waste Management

  • Stallholders are required to remove all excessive rubbish from the Market.

  • Rubbish bins provided are for the general public and not to be used to dispose of unwanted clothing, stallholder, food truck waste and or packaging.

  • At the end of trading hours the stallholder is required to clean their space and remove any broken racks, coat hangers, shelving, baskets or accessories.

  • We encourage using eco-friendly bags such as recycled paper or enviro bags


Market Day Results:

  • Individual results vary at any given Market

  • There are many factors that affect sales on the day and this is the nature of markets. 

  • The Market Folk strives to provide quality event advertising and promotion to ensure the best possible outcome for our stallholders.

  • We welcome constructive feedback however we will not tolerate rude behaviour towards any of our staff, verbally or via written correspondence.

  • All stalls are required to stay until the market closes, stalls who do not comply with this rule, will not be accepted to trade in the future


  • Stallholders are responsible for their own stall security and monies. No responsibility is taken by The Market Folk for theft, loss or damage.


  • Stallholders agree to set up their stall spaces in a safe and secure manner to ensure the safety of all shoppers.

  • The Market Folk shall not be responsible for injury or accidents caused by stallholders negligence to conduct themselves or the stall safely.

  • In the event of an accident, injury or emergency The Market Folk has a safety procedure in place to ensure the incident is handled efficiently.

  • Should Stall holders fail to secure their items or marquees safely (post safety checks by The Market Folk staff) this will be at the fault of the stall holder and not The Market Folk

  • Stallholders and shoppers are required to fill in an incident form.

  • There will be a first aid kit at all events.

  • The Market Folk staff are trained in First Aid


  • You may hand out advertising or promotional material at your designated stall, such material must relate to the products on sale at your stall and be disposed of in accordance with our waste management clause.

  • The Market Folk leading up to Market Day may utilise Social Media to promote business stalls - however this is not a guaranteed service due to the volume of stalls.

  • The Market Folk do not charge to be featured on our website or instagram. 

  • Directory - the directory listing on our website is also included in the stall fee.

  • We ask that all stallholders promote the markets at least once on their social media accounts. 

  • There is no guarantee that a stall will be featured on instagram or facebook



  • The Market Folk include our workshop bookings in all market promo however are not responsible for attendance or ticket sales. This is the responsibility of the Workshop Host.

  • The Market Folk are not responsible for refunds to the ticket holder should the event not go ahead

  • All management of workshop, finances, visual merchandising is up to the workshop host

  • We do not sell tickets on behalf of the Workshop Host

  • Workshops need to be booked and advertised at least 6 weeks prior to the event to allow enough promo and ticket sales

  • To book a workshop at The Market Folk you must pay upon booking and the fee is non refundable should the workshop be cancelled by the workshop host.

  • Should the markets be cancelled due to reasons of health, safety, weather or other factors outside of our control the workshop host is eligible to have 50% of fee refunded

  • The area provided must be left in a clean state upon completion of the workshop. Any damage will be charged at the expense of the workshop host. 

  • Workshop Hosts must have own Public Liability Insurance

  • By booking and paying for a Workshop space you agree to these terms

Rack Stalls:​

  • Racks are to be set up in the centre of your space allowing shoppers access to both sides of the racks.

  • All items you have for sale must be in good sellable condition.

  • Your rack area consists of simply the rack and one line of shoes underneath

  • The Market Folk offers only BYO rack spaces

  • A BYO Rack booking secures a space only, stall holders are required to bring a rack and required coat hangers.

  • No round racks will be accepted on market day.

  • All clothing racks brought to the market must be of good quality and safe to the general public. It is the stallholder’s responsibility to ensure the equipment brought to the market is safe to the general public and erected securely. If The Market Folk owners deem equipment unsafe your booking may be terminated for the safety market guests.

  • Should a rack stall holder wish to sell shoes and accessories they must be hung off the rack or fit under the rack so shoppers do not run the risk of tripping on items. We recommend hanging storage to display hats, shoes and accessories.

  • No piles of clothes on the floor will be accepted

  • Stall holders agree that while they are at the market they will endeavour to cooperate to direction given by The Market Folk staff in relation to operation of their stall, use of equipment, set up, pack down, and safety.

  • Rack sellers are covered by The Market Folk Public Liability.

  • Rack Sales are for preloved wardrobes only, you may not sell handmade items or new stock. Individuals with these items are required to apply via the creative application process.

  • Rack Tickets are non refundable, should the event be cancelled due to weather, safety, health concerns or reasons outside of The Market Folk’s control.


P R I V A C Y  P O L I C Y


The Market Folk respects our customers privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. As an Australian organisation we are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 when collecting, using, holding, handling and transferring any personal information provided to us. We have practices, systems and procedures in place to ensure we protect your personal information. We may update this policy in the future and we encourage our customers to review our policy from time to time to be aware of current practices. This policy was created in October 2015.


The information we collect includes but is not limited to:

Full Name, Email Address, PayPal email address and Mobile Number.

The above information can only be accessed by authorised The Market Folk owners and administrators.


How we use your information:

To carry out event communication and administration. Mobile numbers are only used to contact stallholders quickly or in the case of an emergency. We will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties - ever.


How do we store your information and for how long?

The Market Folk retains your information until all of our legal and or tax obligations have expired and or we no longer need the information for the purpose we collected it. Your information may be stored in a physical format or as electronic data, however, we will take the necessary steps to destroy it. The Market Folk does not store any financial information and uses PayPal as a third-party provider to process stall fees. We recommend that you are familiar with Paypal's terms and conditions and privacy policy. The Market Folk takes no responsibility for their conduct or policies. Refer to below for PayPal’s legal policies:

Social Media

Should you engage with us through social media and choose to link your account with us through third party social media applications you may allow us to have access to certain information available on your account. Depending on your privacy settings this information is available to the public online. We recommend that you review their privacy policies and are familiar with your current settings so you can control what information you share. As outlined in this policy any personal information made available to us through social media is handled and stored in the same manner as the information you directly supply to us.

From time to time The Market Folk may repost images shared with us using the

#TheMarketFolk hashtag, by tagging this hashtag you agree for us to view and give permission for The Market Folk to post this image and reference the appropriate user royalty free.


Unless otherwise notified by using any of our services, website or providing us with your personal information you agree for your information to be managed in accordance with this Privacy Policy dated October 2018.