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Tell us a little bit about Treasure Inventory

Treasure Inventory is a boutique stationery and illustration range created in sunny Port Douglas, Queensland. All illustrations and typography are illustrated and designed by myself (Tash) using a digital drawing Wacom tablet. The collection features original illustrated designs a beautifully crafted type inspired by the simplicity and laid back lifestyle of Tropical North Queensland. All of our paper goods are designed and printed within Australia, supporting other local businesses. We are passionate about paper! Our cards and prints are printed on the highest quality stocks to ensure our products are beautiful, strong and sustainably sourced.

I aim to provide a 'personality' to my Paper goods & Stationery that cannot be conveyed over text message or social media. I'd love to get customer's back to basic's and enjoy the simplicity of sending a greeting card. My objective is to create products that can be treasured and kept for ever.

What is your creative background?

I studied a Bachelor of Digital Media, majoring in Graphic Design at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Whilst I do still continue to pursue Graphic Design commissions occasionally, my main focus is on my Paper goods Business & Market Stall in Port Douglas

How did Treasure Inventory come to be?

I started Treasure Inventory almost two years ago after re-locating back to Port Douglas from Bondi. I’ve always illustrated as a way to wind down, as a hobby, but never pursued to sell them or showcase them. My fiancé was the one that encouraged me to start selling my creations at the Port Douglas Markets.

Since then, I’ve never looked back… With the help and support of my local community my range of paper goods and illustrations has grown dramatically. I now wholesale my Cards/ Illustrations in Boutiques & Gift Shops all over Australia. Last year I was featured in Frankie Magazine which was a major personal achievement for me. I adore the vibe and lifestyle of the magazine. I still get goosebumps, thinking about receiving that email, and seeing my business featured inside the magazine!

What inspires you and your work?

I love Australian Botanicals, and celebrating our Australian Native Animals. I’m seriously obsessed with drawing Birds, Marsupials and all Australian Critters. At first glance most people assume that I only target international tourists, when in fact a large minority of my customers are everyday Australians.

Holidays and travelling are a massive influencer, I’ve been very fortunate to travel a little of the globe. I love a change in lifestyle, being pushed outside my comfort zone and enjoying the finer things in life. This really gets my creative juices following. Other than that I love bouncing ideas around with other fellow creatives, I have my group of #girlbosses and I find being inside this network helps not only motivate me, but keeps me grounded and inspired.

Is Treasure Inventory your side project or is it your full time job?

Treasure Inventory is a full-time gig. I not only sell my products online, but in person at the Port Douglas Markets every Sunday. I also choose to work a few hours at a local Bottleshop in Port Douglas as really throughly enjoy it. My second love and passion is wine, I love talking to reps and broadening my product knowledge - especially when there’s tasting involved!

Tell us about your work space?

I currently have our third bedroom set up as my studio. It’s nothing special, but it’s functional.

It’s decorated with plants, artwork that inspires me and accompanied by my two dachshunds.

Any advice for creatives just starting out?

Honestly, just get yourself out there! My biggest hurdle at the start was insecurities. You’ll never know, if you don’t put yourself out there. For me, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be where I am today. Enquire about joining your local market, make yourself an online store, set up a instagram account, just start somewhere.

What is your favourite product from your range?

It’d have to be my newest illustration the Quokka. Before COVID-19 really kicked off my partner and I went to Western Australia for two weeks. My highlight of the trip was to see a Quokka on Rottnest Island. I’m obsessed, they are the happiest little critters ever! After the trip, I had to add one to my collection.

Favourite Book, Band or Podcast right now?

My favourite Pod Cast at the moment is by Jenna Kutcher, she’s the ultimate girl boss. I find if I’m struggling mentally with a bit of creative/business block she gives me new tips and new insights into Marketing or Social Media

Favourite way to unwind?

Getting outdoors! We’re super lucky in FNQ, we own a jetski, and have the great barrier reef right on our doorstep. The ideal day off for me is to get out on the water, spot a turtle, eat some great food and have a nap in the sun.

What does 2020 look like for Treasure Inventory

2020 has been a bit of a tough one so far, with the cancellation of Markets and being stood down from my casual job, I’ve been focusing solely online. I had plans to branch out and join other large Markets in Sydney and Canberra, but unfortunately with lockdowns in place, these endeavours are on hold. I’ll continue to do what I do best, I’ll be drawing, creating and looking forward to getting back to my Sunday spot at the Port Douglas Markets.

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