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The Market Folk: Get to know Rebel Art Creations

Tell us a little bit about Rebel Art Creations

Rebel had always been a name that resonated with me, starting from my youth with being one who always stepped outside the box and challenged life, in all aspects.  This also stemmed from a Reggae song by Jimmy Cliff - Rebel in Me - that my dearest friend and I would always sing, which then became a bit of a mantra throughout life in which we still sing to this day!

So, this was my starting point - then I worked on having the word creative being a part of my new business name - then I threw around a few other configurations, but they seemed to be either taken or the words just didn't seem to gel that well together, but I eventually came up with Rebel Art Creations.

What is your creative background?

Through my mother teaching me how to hand make crepe paper flowers, sewing and pottery, knitting from a very young age, I have always enjoyed being creative.

I continued my creative journey through lead lighting, jewellery and key ring making, clay pinching, murano glass and a few others on the way. 

I grew up having a craft room in our home and now I have my own ‘craft’ room/studio.

How did Rebel Art Creations come to be?

I attended a workshop and then I started creating pieces and gifting them to friends and family. Then I started getting request for gifts.

I became a little addicted to making more and more, as every resin piece is so unique.

So, I couldn’t wait to try new techniques and I couldn’t pull myself away from creating with resin and then onto alcohol ink.

What inspires you and your work?

Colours… I love colour and when I look around, I am constantly inspired by nature and our surroundings.

Also, knowing my father is looking down, guiding me when I am in my studio encouraging me to continue being creative.

It is very therapeutic and a perfect mindless activity to help keep a bit of balance in my life.

Is Rebel Art Creations your side project or is it your full time job?

It is my side hustle, I would love for it to grow into my full time job, which I am constantly working on.

Tell us about your work space?

I have a garage that I have converted into a studio. I have created it so it is as organised as possible, I have a variety of projects on the go. But I would love a 2 or 3 car size garage – this would be ideal and a dream.

Any advice for creatives just starting out?

Believe in yourself! If you want it, you will get it. Ask loads of questions, ask your friends, colleagues, fellow creators and family for suggestions and feedback – do your own market research.

What is your favourite product from your range?

This is a really hard as I have so many that are my favourite.

Favourite way to unwind?

Being creative, but I must also admit I have guilty pleasure of watching ‘Housewives’ on Foxtel to have that 30mins of complete mindless TV. But otherwise, I am always on the go….

What does 2020 look like for ‘Your Business Name’

I hope that it offers more opportunity and allows myself to continue to keep creating and grow my little side hustle. I have big dreams of where I want to be, so I am actively working towards the growth future of Rebel Art Creations.

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