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How did Pixiedust Calligraphy come to be?

Pixie-dust really comes from a favorite character of my childhood – Tinkerbell, I want to have magical moments all the time, every day if possible, haha, (don’t we all dream of that in life!), so I put this wish into my business, hoping that the students that join my workshops; and the clients that work with me will be feeling the same too.

What is your creative background?

I don't have an art background, I never thought I would be able to do creative things, but as soon as I gave calligraphy a go during my maternity leave, I was fascinated by it, and found the beauty and therapeutic benefits of doing it, which I most needed during that period of time. After a while, I started my business. I had little idea of teaching workshops, nor running a business. It was my beautiful friend that gave me courage to try. I am forever grateful for meeting all of the best clients, wedding planners, all the way through and having lots of opportunities after starting it. I started with teaching calligraphy and soon Customs House listed me as their wedding partner. I was also kindly mentioned in several magazines, as one of the best workshops in Brisbane, and then shopping centers and brands started engaging me for their on-site functions and activations. more of my portfolio here:

What inspires you and your work?

Everyday life really, these days is so easy getting inspiration from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook everywhere, but the most important thing is sitting down, and process all the ideas into my very own. Which I think is something that we need a lot these days too, we are so busy with life, we rarely sit down and have the "me time" or even just some moments to settle in the whole day. I learn so much from this art, every stroke is so slow, taking one stroke by one stroke and I barely can think of other things other than my next stroke. Is finger meditation to me.

Tell us about your work space?

I just my renovated garage, but I do teach workshops everywhere in Brisbane, let me know if you would like to hold a workshop with me! I also do private workshops too, perfect for bridal showers, mum and daughter time.....or even Daddy and kids time.

Any advice for creatives just starting out?

Just do it, don’t be intimidated. And be confident in yourself, put out into the world what you want to be creating! Only if you put it out and do the test ride, people will add value and social proof to your idea. Reach out to them. If you don’t ask the question, there is no way you can know if somebody might say yes. You will learn a lot from there, so don’t be scared to just start – nothing is permanent! Just do it!

Is Pixiedust Calligraphy your side project or is it your full time job? I call it slashers, pursuing multiple projects can lead to a more fulfilling work-life blend and this is getting popular in these days for a reason. Am so happy to have my artistic outlet here with you all.

What is your favourite product from your range?

Since I am calligraphy based, I love my brush lettering kit set and modern calligraphy kit set, My current favourite one would be my latest kit set! A DIY Terrazzo coaster kit set. That was my latest workshop besides calligraphy, and I have turned it to an online product. More of the workshop has been reviewed on weekend note here:

Favourite way to unwind?

Yoga, hot yoga, just can't think too much in a heated room and following the moves. 

I actually think writing calligraphy is a practice of meditation has the same effect to me, is a true mindfulness experience for me connecting to my soul.

Favourite Book, Band or Podcast right now?

Essentialism - Greg Mckeown. I would highly recommend this book!

I picked this book up because I have always been the type to feel overwhelmed, and burnt out, and spread thin, and I think it's because I've had this mentality of just, "power through it, just suck it up," and I thought that that was the way I can just get everything done. But, it's not a very sustainable mentality. There are some things you just gotta say no to. I had a problem just really prioritizing what was important and what was essential in my life, and I feel like this book really gave me the right tools, and the strategies, to float up what is the most priority, and finish those top things. I've learned that sometimes doing the most isn't the greatest thing, and it's important to spend your time on the right activities and the right people so you feel more fulfilled. Being busy all the time doesn't mean that you're being productive, so if you are the type of person that just wants to Marie Condo their mind, or just learn how to use their time more efficiently.

What does 2020 look like for Pixiedust Calligraphy?

 I have planned my 2020 workshops back in late 2019, and planned to do more interstates workshops - unfortunately this is not able to happen right now!

So I have to replan 2020, and embrace the change, lucky I have already set up my online shop on my website, and some calligraphy kit sets, so now I am moving most of my workshops online soon.

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