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Tell us a little bit about Jimmy Jammys: Jimmy Jammys is an Australian business created in 2019. We felt there was a gap in the market for quality sleepwear for men in fun patterns and designs. (We were tired of spots and stripes) Jimmy Jammys are made with premium cotton and have additional comfort features, making them must-have sleep shorts and boxers for men (and women.) Our design names are fun and and descriptions tongue-in-cheek to keep the brand light-hearted. 20 fun designs to match your personality and style.

How did Jimmy Jammys come to be?

Jimmy Jammys was created to fill the gap of fun men’s sleep shorts / boxers. There’s an abundance of choice for women out there but not nearly as much choice for men. Jimmy Jammys also make great gifts so we wanted to make sure that we had product for men on occasions such as valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and of course Christmas. We also wanted to have a product that people would need and want more of which we have seen with our repeat purchases. We wanted sleep shorts and boxers that were top quality and more than anything, super comfortable.

What inspires you and your work?

Knowing that people really are hanging in comfort and style and enjoying their Jimmy Jammys is what drives us. At the markets we have many repeat customers who have bought Jimmy Jammys as presents, have heard such good things about them and have returned to buy for their partners, and then come back another time to buy for themselves and stock up with more cool designs. It’s awesome seeing familiar faces and listening to their Jimmy Jammys stories. They made great Christmas gifts last year so it was super inspiring to see people sharing pictures of themselves wearing their comfy Jimmy Jammys. When people give feedback and reviews that encapsulate everything you envisioned your brand to be, is what drives us most.

Is Jimmy Jammys your side project or is it your full time job?

Jimmy Jammys started out as a side business and then moved into a full time job, we’re hoping to gain more reach this year and attend more markets. We’re also in constant works to improve our line offering and online presence. We love the customers and the stall holder comradarie of the markets and it’s also wonderful getting the kids involved to teach them more about business and people.

Any advice for creatives just starting out?

If it’s a product idea you have, don’t settle for mediocre. Pursue until you are 100% happy with the quality and price and target market of your product. Do your research with brand names in case you want to expand, but most importantly have fun with what you are producing, it will drive you to come up with even better ideas.

What is your favourite product from your range?

I really love the Flamingo King as its design appeals to both men and women. It’s so popular we’re making it in kids sizes, alongside a few other designs this year.

Favourite Book, Band or Podcast right now?

Reading Marion Keyes’ new book, Grown Ups

Favourite way to unwind?

Netflix, Stan, Board games like Sequence and Scattegories, card games like Wizards and Rummi and at the moment, Spring Cleaning the house whilst designing some new styles for Jimmy Jammys.

What does 2020 look like for Jimmy Jammys?

We have exciting new designs coming out for Fathers Day, including kids Sizes from 5 years and up. We have developmeents in our product line too, also launching for Fathers Day and Christmas. We hope our online sales will continue to increase as more and more people hear about our super comfy Jimmy Jammys.

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