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Tell us a little bit about Ever After Earring?

Ever After Earring was established on February 2018 in Brisbane by three Chinese girls. It is an innovative brand that leverages the cluster effect of Chinese traditional artists, designers, and craftsmen for the revival of traditional arts and techniques. We aim to offer a more distinguishable, customised jewellery that encouraging craftsmanship and innovation which is highlights history and to make it buy-able no matter who you are. We try to bring out more authentic Chinese-inspired arts and culture to more audience based on our passion and knowledge. Encouraging craftsmanship and increasing the awareness of preserving and carrying forward Chinese culture and spirit among all young people are our missions. 

What is your creative background?

As the founder of Ever After Earring, I do not have any backgrounds in arts and crafts. I am graduate with Master of Business, during the journey when I pursued my study, I gradually realised that the Chinese culture and arts are so beautiful, it can be such a pity that not everyone has the opportunity to appreciate its beauty. That’s something I never felt when I was at home in Beijing. I started to learn how to make earrings because as a non-pierced girl, I wanted to build a brand for everyone, not only for the girls who got their ears pierced. Combining the rich culture of my hometown, thus I have the ability and aesthetics to establish this brand. I would like to tell everyone in Australia, no matter what is your background, we can truly appreciate the beauty of your mother country’s culture and history, there is a lot to explore.

How did Ever After Earring come to be?

I had always wanted to own my own business, I saw it as a fantastic way of creating something you are passionate about succeeding at something. Especially after studying the business degree, I gained lots of insights and knowledge on how to start a business. At first, it was just an initial idea, but gradually I started to make all the business models richer and expand more products line as much as can. It has been really hard to achieve all the goals we had set before, but this is the most fun part. 

We had come out this brand name Ever After Earring just one day before we pitched for UQ iLab which is a start-up accelerator. Our new brand was supposed to be a start-up or a profitable project for connecting Chinese culture with Australian culture. We aim to be unique and one of a kind, no matter in concept or design. That’s why we came out this brand name, meaning from now on, we gonna shape the concept of earrings in your mind.

What inspires you and your work?

The initial idea was first inspired by seeing traditional craftsman were not be treated well and the beauty of their work of arts were not be appreciated by the mass market, especially Chinese arts and culture. It is not only about traditional Chinese arts and history, but it also about the future and how it will evolve and shine with greater splendour. 

Is Ever After Earring your side project or is it your full time job?

It was planned to be a start-up project to practise my entrepreneurship skills. So when I was in my third semester of the Masters, my team members and I started to do this job as the most important project in our student’s life. After graduation, this became our part full-time job, as this is already part of our life, what we do is just keep going.

Tell us about your work space?

We worked at home, in our balcony. My team members come to my house twice a week and we design make earrings together. All meals, even accommodation (when they missed the last bus) are included.

Any advice for creatives just starting out?

I would like to say just stick to it. It is the first step that is troublesome. If you do not see any results at the beginning, give it some time and you will see the outcomes. If you are struggling whether to do business, my only advice is - just do it! You will never feel regret on all the ups and downs during this journey.

What is your favourite product from your range?

We mainly sell five series of earrings, including Beijing Cloisonne Enamel Earring, Tibet Silver Earring, Vintage Cooper Earring, Hand-painted Chinese Traditional Color System Inspired Earring, Funky Childhood Memory Earring and other Chinese history and culture inspired earring, such as Buddhism, the Chinese dragon, Chinese folding fan, Beijing Opera mask, etc. 

Among all of them, I personally love the chinoiserie cloisonne collections the most. The traditional Beijing Cloisonne techniques are applied to all styles. I love to design all the earrings with rich symbolic meanings. My favourite earring may vary because it depends on the feelings and emotions that I have on that day. And through wearing those earrings, my aesthetics, personality and feelings can be expressed. 

Favourite Book, Band or Podcast right now?

My favourite book when I do self-isolation is called “The Path of Beauty: Study of Chinese Aesthetics” by Li Zehou. This book helped me to learn more about Asian aesthetics and its differences so that I can embrace all the common points and differences and create more meaningful and attracting jewellery designs.

Favourite way to unwind?

Watching TV series and entertainment programs, reading, cooking and baking, and making earrings.

What does 2020 look like for Ever After Earring

2020 is the second year since we started to work in the arts and crafts industry, and we have ambitions to make it better than ever. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreaks, We had to postpone all the current activities. This must be hard for all small businesses, not only for us. I believe all of us will enjoy the rest of 2020 soon!

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