Guide: Market Applications

We love markets (obviously!) and they are a fantastic way to engage with your customer base face to face. In a world of Instagram, Etsy and Online platforms, everyone loves to meet the maker.

Are you new to the market scene or perhaps haven't had much luck lately getting into some events you wanted to be apart of? We wanted to share some advice on Market Applications.

1. Your Brand Identity

Is your brand cohesive? When market organisers are considering your applications they will often look at your website, social media and stall set up. Having the same look and feel across these platforms may help to stand out from the crowd, providing a level of professionalism. If you are new to markets, perhaps you are still building on this, you may not have a website or images of your stall yet etc, this is okay! But remember having similar fonts, colours, background and imagery as you build your business the key. Remember if you treat your business as a hobby it will always be a hobby, dream big guys!

2. Stall Set up

Organisers often search social media to have a look at your stall set up. Stalls that are set up with care, purposeful design/ layouts go a long way. By selling at Markets you have your lovely little 3x3 space to make your own. Is your stall easy to walk around, does it draw customers in and have clear signage? If you are new to markets, why not set up a mock up at home, once you are happy with your layout, snap some photos and include with your applications.

3. Market Compatibility

This is really important, does your brand suit the customer base of the market you are applying for? Do some research of previous events. Do your products fit with the style of market and their values?

Perhaps go along to some events before you apply to understand a bit about their current stallholders, customer base and event vibes.

For more information Etsy have some fantastic resources to help sellers with Markets which can be found here

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