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Paterson Lane

I am Sarah, an earring enthusiast, a wife, mother and Nurse! I make the earrings that I love to wear.
My earrings are handmade from a medium called polymer clay, a PVC plastic conditioned, moulded and shaped by me to make the earrings of Paterson Lane. It is then cured in an oven to harden into the pieces you see. It is a lightweight, non- toxic durable material. By hand I then drill holes, sand each piece and add finishing touches on occasion like paint or glaze.
Each pair are small batch handmade which means no two pairs are the same and often there are only “one off pairs”. I have regular designs (shapes) that are all named after import females in my life but the colour palettes I choose are random, and drawn from my creative headspace at the time.
I use quality stainless surgical steel ear posts, Stirling silver or stainless steel earwires perfect for sensitive ears!