Host a Workshop

Love to teach what you know? We love a good DIY and The Market Folk regularly features creative workshops. Get noticed by immersing your workshop in the heart of our Markets.

Hire Fees:

This can be discussed upon your application. This is dependant on your ticket prices and space required. 

Things we assess are how many tickets you plan to sell, the price of your tickets and how much space you require. 

What we cover:
By partnering with The Market Folk and hosting a workshop on market day we provide you with promotional support, you will be included in our press releases, newsletter and social media leading up to market day. You receive 2 intentional instagram posts promoting your business directly. This is a collective exposure of over 11,000+ followers. In most cases we can co-host your facebook event to help spread the word in our events calendar. You will be added to our workshop listings here!


The Market Folk do not sell or list tickets for any workshops booked at our markets. This is the responsibility of the creative business hosting the workshop. 

Workshop hosts are required to have their own Public Liability Insurance which will be required upon booking and paying for the workshop space.

Visual Merchandising/ Signage:
Workshop hosts are required to bring all the necessary signage, equipment and visual merchandising required to run a workshop. The Market Folk does not supply table cloths, signs, decor etc. Only the table and chairs are provided in the stall fee. 



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