How much is a stall?

The stall fee for Coorparoo Square is $65.00

The Stall Fee for The Lanes is $40.00

Gasworks Twilight - $70.00

Gasworks Saturday/ Sunday - $80.00

Are indoor stalls more expensive?

No, at this stage all our stall sizes are the same price. However, please note that indoor stalls are only 2.5mx1m. If you need more space than this (i.e 2x2m you will need to organise yourself to hold an outdoor stall, marquees mandatory)

How to I pay for a stall?

To assist our stall holder family with cashflow stall fees are billed 2-4 weeks prior to an event. Stall fees are managed securely via PayPal.

How do the markets work at Coorparoo Square?

The markets at Coorparoo Square are spread out throughout the precinct. This means we offer a number of stall options: 

1. Lawn Stalls - Outdoor 3x3m - Marquee Required

2. Myer Lane - Outdoor 3x3m on Pavement - Marquee Required

3. Indoor Foyer (undercover) are generally 2-2.5m x 1.5m on Pavement - No Marquee Required

4. Outdoor foyer (undercover) range from 2.5mx1m to 2.5x2.5m (this is in July/ Aug only when the rack sale is closed)

Our standard outdoor stall size is 3x3m. We do not allow businesses to trade without marquees. If you require more space please specify on your application and we can discuss pricing with you.

What happens in the cooler months?
At Coorparoo Square during July and August, we close off the outdoor stalls on the lawn and down Myer Lane, due to cool/ strong winds. These larger marquee stalls reopen again in September. We have a variety of spaces available indoors such as, 2.5mx2.5m (limited spaces), 2.5mx1m, 2.5mx1.5 etc. 

How do the markets work at The Lanes?

The Market Folk x The Lanes Fortitude Valley is a cozy laneway market. Stalls line California, Bakery and Winn Lane. Live music, workshops and more connect the various locations. 

Stall sizes are strictly 2mx1m, umbrellas are provided by the venue as no marquees will fit. The stall sizes suit either a table with room for the seller to stand beside/behind or a rack or two etc. 

How do the markets work at Gasworks?

The Market Folk x Gasworks Plaza is an indoor/outdoor market. Majority of the stalls are featured in the Gasometer space outdoors (This is a heritage listed gas tank frame, converted into a park/ amphitheatre) and require a marquee. A short walk into the open air precinct will feature a handful of indoor/undercover stalls, the rack sale and workshops. The Gasometer is lined with leafy trees and up market restaurants. 

There are only a handful of indoor spaces available, if you are able to trade outdoors it is essential you note this on your application form to avoid missing out on these events.


How do I apply for a stall at The Market Folk?

Please navigate to the apply page and fill in our quick application form!

Please note: as a general rule we only have up 3 of a stall type at any market. It is essential to book in advance to not lose your place.

Stall Categories

We have certain thresholds within stall categories to ensure we give our shoppers variety but also enable each creative the best chance to succeed on the day. This is at our discretion and depends on a number of factors such as the season (i.e Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter etc) as to how many of each stall we will have at any one event. Usually it is no more than 3, this does not cover specific products we look at the stall category as a whole.

Can I book month to month?
Yes you can book casually. You will see though on our application form we do ask for your availability in advance. This is because we take care to ensure our line ups are not saturated by particular products and if you do not book into a certain date your stall category may be full when you reach out to us down the track.

If you do book a stall in advance and cancel within 4 weeks of an event you are required to pay upfront for all future bookings.


When can I apply for a stall at The Market Folk?

You are more than welcome to contact us at any time in the future to discuss possibly holding a stall at an upcoming market. Once you are approved unless your products and personal details change you do not have to reapply for each market - this is why we ask for your availability in advance, if you state a date then we book you in. We simply ask that you give 4+ weeks notice if you can no longer make the market.

Do I have to have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes insurance is mandatory for all business stalls. The Market Folk at this stage does not extend cover to our stall holders however we can recommend some options if you need.

I do not have an ABN, do I still need to apply as a Business?

Yes, even though you may not trade as a business for our markets unless you are selling your preloved clothes you are deemed a business stallholder.

Can I share a stall?

Yes you may share a stall with a creative friend however individual applications must be submitted, both making note of sharing intensions. Both businesses will need to be approved and stall fees are not shared sorry. As a general rule we are looking for similar products or styles/ branding that make sense together.


How long will it take for my application to be considered?

Applications take approximately 3 weeks to assess. Please also note that if a certain category is fully booked we will keep your details on file for future events. If you don't hear from us it doesn't mean we won't be in contact in the future. 

What can I sell at The Market Folk events?

At The Market Folk you can sell beauty/skincare, ceramics, art, fashion, accessories, jewellery, plants, photography, stationery, homewares, furniture, children's toys and candles. Please refer to our terms and conditions for information on permits and insurances for business stalls. Please also ensure you are familiar with the guidelines at www.productsafety.gov.au.


Am I required to bring my own marquee?

We do not supply marquees. If you are approved and are able to trade outdoors you are required to bring a marquee. You are also required to have weights on your marquees, failure to adhere to this request will result in you being asked to pack down. 


Is power available?

No, sorry we do not offer power to stall holders.

Is water available? I need to fill water marquee leg weights?

Water is not available to stall holders at our Market. Please do not bring empty water weights and expect to fill them onsite - fill at home or bring sand/brick weights.


Some Business stall holders are trading outside and could be impacted by weather. It is the responsibility of the stall holder to ensure you are prepared for all kinds of weather. Especially Wind, we recommend having your items as secure as possible, i.e zip ties on your hangers, shelves securely fastened.  In the event the Market day is cancelled due to severe weather you will be notified via email and text message with as much notice as possible. Please see our terms and conditions for refund information. 

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds on stall fees, please read our refund policy for full details.


If you have any more questions, please send us an email at hello@themarketfolk.com.au and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.