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The Market Folk has fast become one of Brisbane's leading marketplace for designers, makers and entrepreneurs. We partner with some of Brisbane's best lifestyle precincts connecting makers to shoppers in unique and collaborative settings. 

We pride ourselves on our event management, stall holder support and advertising that goes into each event. See our testimonials and media figures below!

2021 Calendar of Events

Gasworks Plaza

76 Skyring Tce, Newstead

2nd Friday of the month

12th February 5pm - 9pm

12th March 5pm - 9pm

9th April 5pm - 9pm

14th May 5pm - 9pm

2nd Saturday of the month (cooler months)

12th June 9am - 1pm

10th July 9am - 1pm

14th August 9am - 1pm

11th September 9am - 1pm

2nd Friday of the month

8th October 5pm - 9pm

12th November 5pm - 9pm

10th December 5pm - 9pm

Coorparoo Square

26 Holdsworth St, Coorparoo

3rd Sunday of the month

21st February 9am - 1pm

21st March 9am - 1pm

18th April 9am - 1pm

17th May 9am - 1pm

Hiatus June - September

Fish Lane

10, Fish Lane, South Brisbane

Returning in Season 4

If using a marquee they must be black or white at Fish Lane


148 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba

Winter Pop-Up

27th June 10am - 2pm

Spring Pop-Up

26th September 9am - 1pm


39 Hercules Drive, Hamilton

25th July 10am - 2pm

18th September 11am-3pm

If using a marquee they must be black white or navy at Portside.


The Market Folk is a design market, we are looking for boutique style stalls with original and unique designs/ products. We are not strictly a handmade market - however we look favourably on products that are handmade or ethically sourced/ produced, we need to see you have had a significant input into the creation or design of a product. 

We look favourably on stalls with quality signage, visual merchandising and strong ability to advertise the market.

market seasons

Our market calendar is split into 4 seasons. Each season opens up approximately 6 weeks prior to allowing new applicants as well as existing vendors to be assessed regularly throughout the year.

Applications are assessed within 14 business days and only approved or waitlisted applicants will be notified. Please check your junk mail within this time frame.


Season 2 - Opens Mar 1st




Season 4 - Opens Sep 1st




Season 3 - Opens Jun 1st




Season 1 - Opens Jan 1st

January - No Markets!




Stall Types

Beauty and Skincare








Photography (Prints)


Homewares and furniture

Children's Toys and Clothing

Gourmet Goods - Honey, Jams, Sauces, Chutneys etc

Dog Accessories


Coorparoo Square - outdoor 3x3m or indoor 2mx1m



Newstead Gasworks - Outdoor Stall 3x3m - Gasometer


Newstead Gasworks - Outdoor Small Stall 2mx1m - Table Only/No Marquee


South City Square Woolloongabba - 

2.5mx2.5m or 2mx1m table only


Fish Lane

South Brisbane

2mx1m table only or 3x3m marquee


Portside Wharf


2mx1m table only or 3x3m marquee


Corner upgrade $10 extra



My small business, has participated in The Market Folk markets for the past 12 months. 

This is one of the best markets we attend. The team put in a lot of effort and it shows - from start to finish, the events are well organised and run very smoothly. Invoices, collateral, any communication are all done within a timely manner. Any issues that I have ever had, have been handled very professionally and very seamlessly! We highly recommend and invite all creatives to give Market Folk a go - you will not be disappointed! 

Minnie - My Eco House 

Being in aligned with Market Folk, is a fabulous opportunity to showcase my creations in the best locations throughout the Brisbane. 

Not only are these locations in the most sort after areas, but they are also extremely well organised by the team at Market Folk. I love being part of this growing movement of markets in Brisbane, but I also love the benefit of the community it creates of other Brisbane creators and makers. Thank you for all the effort that you do in making them the best Artisan Markets in Brisbane.

Judith - Rebel Art Creations




89% Women 25-44 Years

115k monthly impressions

2.5k monthly likes

1k Story Views 



450K Yearly Event Reach

25K Yearly Event Responses


1.5k Mailing List with 1ks view per email

Market Blog - 1.2k per month

Be Seen with us!

We pride ourselves on our advertising of stalls. We are regularly featured in the following publications via press releases and invitation!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the application process?

The Market Folk accept new applications and bookings in line with our market seasons below, each season has an opening date. You can book/apply any time on or after this date until approx 2 weeks prior to the last market of the season. This ultimately means that we do not accept bookings more than 3 months in advance, acceptance is a competitive process. Acceptance into one market or season does not guarantee acceptance into future seasons.

Season 1 - Opens January 1st

January - No Markets!



Season 2 - Opens March 1st




Season 3 - Opens June 1st




Season 4 - Opens Sep 1st




When will I hear back?

We are a small scale market - this means the process can be competitive at times. Our turn around time is approximately 14 business days as we make sure we throughly research each and every application. We look at the quality of your products, where they are made, the appearance of your stall display and whether the stall matches our target market/ key customers. If we are running behind in application processing you will be notified.

Why do you charge more for corner stalls?

This stall type can be popular at our markets. Corner spots may allow greater product exposure which may convert to more sales. By charging a fee it also allows us to fairly assign stalls and manage requests.

What happens if I am approved, can I trade regularly?

The Market Folk will notify you of your acceptance via an email notification. You will be notified of the dates you have been accepted (or waitlisted for) for into the current market season (seasons run for 3 months). Approved stall holders with no changes to their stall or products may request future market dates via our simplified booking request from - above!

Should you be approved - each January you will be required to reapply for The Market Folk via the standard application form. This is because we need to ensure we have the most up to date information about you, your business and your stock changes for the new year ahead. It also ensures everyone is up to date with the market regulations. Everyone who wishes to trade with us in 2020 will need to fill this in even if you have traded with us before.

How do non marquee table only stalls work?

At Coorparoo Square we are fortunate to have many undercover positions for non marquee/ table only stalls, that line the inside of the precinct - you simply need to bring your table/s.

At Gasworks however this is a 100% outdoor market - for most the year except Winter we trade in the evenings meaning we are able to offer a dozen small stalls suitable to a table only with no impact of sun damage. There is no coverage from rain and wind, which is a risk the stall holder must assess before setting up.

Fish Lane table stall are under the railway pass, this means they are in majority covered from weather however there may be periods of some sun.

Portside is an open air precinct the table only stalls are subject to wind and some areas light sun.

If I have traded before, how do you assess my booking request against new or existing applicants?

If you have traded with us before and there are no changes to your stall or products when a new market season opens up you will be required to fill in our simplified booking request form above (named existing stall holder). This does not guarantee acceptance, there are some categories that are highly competitive and book out quickly.

I am a brand new business, how do I go about applying?

If you are just starting out and don't have an extensive online presence, in addition to completing our online application form you will need to send us photos of your products via email. It is also important to provide a detailed description of your stall layout in the application form. If you do not provide this and we cannot find any information online we cannot assess your application. We do not recommend applying until you have designed your stall layout and taken images of your products, therefore answering these questions should not be a problem. Proactive applicants do mock ups at home of their stall design.

How to I pay for a stall?

To book a stall with The Market Folk you are required to pay 50% deposit upfront to secure your stall - this is due within 7 days of approval. This deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your stall, or the market is cancelled due to health directions or weather (see full details below). The remainder of your stall fee is due 2 weeks prior to the event.

Refund Policy - If we cancel

There will be no refunds issued should The Market Folk events be cancelled due to reasons of emergency, danger, weather conditions, thunderstorms, severe wind, heatwaves, safety, health concerns (this includes COVID19), or other reasons that are not in reasonable control of the The Market Folk organisers. We do offer a 50% of stall fee to be issued as a credit. See for more details.

In general we are not an all weather market, if it is going to be wet/extremely windy the markets may not go ahead. Should the markets be cancelled by our management in advance due to unsafe weather conditionsa 50% credit of the stall fee shall be applied to a future market date. If the weather deteriorates throughout the event you will not be entitled to a refund or credit. This is the risk of markets with outdoor stalls.

Should a stall holder voluntarily cancel a market date due to weather no credits or refunds will be issued.

Why are we unable to provide refunds?

Due to advertising and costs occurred to The Market Folk whether an event goes ahead or not we are unable to simply refund stall fees due to bad weather or change of mind. Market day is a portion of the labour carried out by our team. On market day we do everything we can do assess whether a market should go ahead or not, cancellation is not a decision we take lightly. Should the event be cancelled due to unsafe weather a 50% admin fee applies (your deposit), and a 50% credit will be offered to the vendor.

Similarly to above we do not supply refunds for stall holders who cancel within 2 weeks prior to an event date (in most cases this happens within a few days of a market). 50% of your fee can be credited towards another event. This rule is in place due to the administration that is carried out to replace a stall, when we should be focusing on essential advertising and event preparations. Our policy is there to encourage vendor reliability.

Can I book month to month?

Yes if you are approved and there are no changes to your products or business you can book casually into the particular season that is open for applications via our simplified booking request form.

If you do book a stall in advance, not pay and then cancel within 2 weeks of an event you are required to pay upfront for all future bookings before we will finalise your booking.

When can I apply for a stall at The Market Folk?

You are more than welcome to contact us at any time in the future to discuss possibly holding a stall at an upcoming market. However, please take note of our market seasons, this means that we no longer accept applications more than 3 months in advance.

Do I have to have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes insurance is mandatory for all business stalls. The Market Folk at this stage does not extend cover to our stall holders however we can recommend some options if you need.

I do not have an ABN, do I still need to apply as a Business?

Yes, even though you may not trade as a 'business', for our markets unless you are selling your preloved clothes you are deemed a business stallholder.

Can I share a stall?

Businesses may co share a stall space, however, individual applications must be submitted, both making note of sharing intensions. Both businesses will need to be approved. Stall fees can not be shared, each and every business pays the fee dependant on their stall location.

Am I required to bring my own marquee?

We do not supply marquees, tables, lighting or any other equipment. If you apply for an outdoor stall and are able to trade outdoors you are required to bring a marquee. You are also required to have weights on your marquees, failure to adhere to this request will result in you being asked to pack down.

Is power available?

No, sorry we do not offer power to stall holders.

Is water available? I need to fill water marquee leg weights?

Water is not available to stall holders at our Market. Please do not bring empty water weights and expect to fill them onsite - fill at home or bring sand/brick weights.

What is your refund policy should I need to cancel my stall?

Invoices in full are due 2 weeks prior to each event (50% upfront and 50% settled at 2 weeks) Should you cancel your stall booking before your next instalment is due, your deposit is forfeited. If you cancel within the 2 weeks prior to an event after paying in full you forfeit your deposit but the remainder will be credited towards a future event (24-48 hours minimum notice required).

Twilight Market Lighting without Power?

Power is not available to us or stall holders at our Gasworks Twilight markets. We host 40 stalls at this location with many layout variations. All stalls use high voltage battery powered lighting. We reccomend looking at Bunnings 'work lights' as these are small in size, can clip to a marquee and last for many hours on battery supply.

What are the stall sizes?

Coorparoo Square offers either outdoor 3x3m or indoor table only 2mx1m Gasworks offers only outdoor - either 3x3m marquee or table only 2mx1m with no cover South City Square offers only indoor - either 2.5mx2.5m or table only 2mx1m Fish Lane offers - semi undercover stalls 2mx1m table only or 3x3m marquees Portside offers - semi undercover stalls 2mx1m table only or 3x3m marquees

Coloured or branded marquees?

We do not allow branded marquees at the markets. Some locations only allow black, white and navy - ensure you check this on the application form before applying! It will be clear about which location has colour restrictions