While so much has happened around us, there is one thing that hasn’t changed - Brisbane is full of talented creatives, makers and business owners. Introducing our Online Market, which will be open 24/7 to connect you to your favourite Brisbane stalls during these challenging times.

Click here to read more about holding a physical stall at any of our locations. Our regular markets will be back as soon as we are able to do so under Qld State Government social distancing regulations. 


How the ONLINE MARket works

The Market Folk online will not be a standard 1-2 day only market/ or social media event, rather an ongoing support piece to keep us all connected, relevant and active while we ride out this storm. Our online market was always planned to be a more developed version of the creative directory that has been very positive.


Why have we chosen to do monthly campaigns?

Research shows online shopping compared to standing at a market stall takes a lot longer. The shopper is used to having your entire range at their fingertips to touch and feel however with online, they need to go through each listing, look backwards and forwards at your photos, check measurements and so on. Consistent messaging, building trust, reminders and a connected community is more valuable of an activity. Times are also very uncertain financially meaning people will be spending cautiously and may take time to consider before 'adding to cart' on one particular day.

We pride ourself on quality promotional activities included in your stall fee, with a collective following of over 13,000 on our online channels. We engage with PR campaigns, daily boosted posts and detailed individual stall posts.

How to shoppers complete purchases?

Shoppers can browse all your social links including websites and Etsy information.

What is the fee?

The stall fee is $35 per month. You can choose to add other online initiatives on depending on the requirements of your business (see application form for details) to allow our market to be more interactive and personal with changing content.

Am I locked into anything ongoing?

This affordable initiative is in place to drive more sales, follows, engagement and connection while we ride out uncertain times. We offer a flat fee and do recommend participating for at least 2 months to get the full experience of our promotional campaigns. Should you wish to withdraw you can notify us and we will remove your stall for the new month.

If I don't make enough sales am I entitled to a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds. This initiative is built around engagement into sales, in uncertain times this doesn't mean we can guarantee shopper behaviour the same way we can at physical markets.

Have any questions please contact us at